Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Ryan Loves to read, these are just a few of her favorites right now.

Since we do not currently own Goodnight Moon, we make sure we have a library copy as frequently as possible.

Ryan absolutely loves her heart pajamas. She refuses to wear cloths most of the day, but if it is time to sleep you'd be hard pressed to try to do it if she doesn't have her "jammies, jammies" on.

Her pink ice cream cone ("sucker") isn't absolutely necessary but it definately helps.

When she hears Owen wake up from his morning nap you should see the excitement on her face!

Yeah her "Mister Man, man, man" is awake and ready to play

Don't let the look on her face fool you, this girl loves her some hearts...


circles...and not pictured though equally loved are clocks. If Ryan sees any one of these things she goes crazy with joy and says the name of it over and over again, until you confirm to her that "yes that is a circle (or whatever it may be), good job.

But nothing is better than playing with her "Onen"


Amanda said...

It's good to see other peoples children refuse to wear clothing also. Cute little diaper babies!

she'sonlyhappyinthesun said...

So adorable... I miss you guys so much!

Samantha said...

When Lexi is saying a word, she'll so it over and over and over until we say it too. I think it's funny.

Peggy and Jeff said...

I love to see the everyday things they do...they are so fun and I think no clothing is an Elmer thing!

Michelle said...

Carson will say "Hi" over and over until you say it back. He will also say "Day doo" (thank you) until you say "You're welcome." I miss those babies. I wish you guys lived closer!