Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Giveaway!

Check out this amazing giveaway!

I've yet to win any of the countless giveaways I have entered but it would all be worth it if I win this one!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

He's Crafty

So we got this tapestry when we were in Peru about a year and a half ago. We knew we wanted to put it here in our stairwell but didn't know the best way. Will had purchased these bamboo sticks on a massive sale apparently so with our collaborating minds we came up with this and Willie put it all together. I think it looks great and it covers up the horrible taping job that was done on our walls.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Yeah, I can Walk!

Oh and for all you that are interested, the gender of my little sibling will be found out on Tuesday. I also want to give a shout out to Rob and Kristen, for letting me and my parents stay with them. Those kids are crazy (Cole you know what I am talking about), oh yeah and my dad has been crying ever since the last of Rob's chicken was gone.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My First Christmas!!!

Welcome to my Christmas Blog. Come on in. Boy I have been pretty busy and have just a bunch to update you on.

So I am a devious little artist, and thanks to Grandma Weihua I look just ridiculously cute doing it.
Apparently Dad says I am a little too devious looking with chalk in my hand and I should put it back. Fortunately this outfit aloud me to hide all sorts of treasures.

So here I am just gettin my cute on. My Dad coined this new word for it. He calls me "Ceutiful", spread it cause it's going to be all the rage.

I look pretty dope in this sweater. It's my favorite, thanks Aunt Mich!

Food might be Oprah's drug of choice, but presents are definitely mine!!

So I was pretty down with the whole present thing; especially with the paper. Man that stuff is amazing!! There are very few feelings in the world great than the crinkly touch of wrapping paper between your fingers. Thanks to my Dad my fingers are more like tiny sausages. There goes hand modeling.

Grandma and Gramps got all the good presents so I kept close by to snatch them away as soon as I got a chance. I don't really know what make-up is, but i find the containers that it comes in to be quite tastey.

This present from Grandma was pretty awesome, its like my fav! though at first it was a real head scratcher to figure out.

These be my DOGGS!! They may be about as big as you can get, but they are really sissy. I ride on em' like I own the place.

This isn't my proudest moment, but in my offense he only got ahold of me because of some trippy Bayou Voodoo!!

I try to stay the center of attention at all times, which is pretty easy to do since I know where all of GG's most breakable possesions are.

I forced all my fans put their presents around me and forced them to watch as opened, and destroyed, all of their gifts.

My cousin Carson is apparently in a gang. His street name is C-man, and this picture shows him giving his gang sign; though my mom says that sign means a bad word. He is tough, FO REAL!!

This is my ride when I go to my grandma's house. It's Tight. Literally, I felt like my legs would fall off any moment while strollin' around.

So here is part of my maternal posse. We like to keep it real, except for my dad which I am pretty sure was hiding behing me to hide is ever growing waste line.

This is me and my peeps just doing what we do, Look Friggin Adorable!! oh and a shout out to Poppy who I can't wait to meet this summer.

Dad did this a lot over the break. I think it was because of all the eggnog.

I promise this was forced, I am not one to kiss boys by my own choice, especially a cousin, cause last I checked that is a violation of all sorts of laws.