Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Good Little Sleeper...

So the other day I was vaccuming the livingroom while Ryan was sleeping in the swing, I was not sure if she would wake up or not, but I was interested to see how loud I could be while she was sleeping. After vaccuming for quite a while I look at the swing and see her still asleep but covering both of her ears, as you can see here. Now this is a common occurence since her daddy just does not know how to be quiet.



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10 yrs ago...

I was a Sophomore at Hanford High School in Richland, WA. I was still playing tons of basketball and soccer. I was quite a homebody, but I know during that summer i loved going down to the Columbia River and Jog. not that I really jogged, I walked, but my Best friend Aimee and I still always told our parents we were going down there to jog.

5 Things on my list to do today...

1. Feed Ryan multiple times (sometimes I think she may be part leach)
2.Change Ryan's Diaper multiple times
3.Get the Spare bedroom ready for my sisters family
4. Clean the bathtub so I can take a bath(I have a thing with the bathtub needing to have been just recently cleaned or I cannot relax while I am in there)
5.Call my work to see how much they are missing me

Snacks I enjoy...
Candy, candy and more candy. Resees Peanut Butter Bites are my all time favorite, but the Hersheys company (without consulting me, their biggest customer) decided to discontinue the product. When I was pregnant I would crave them, no other kind of Resees would fill the void, so I would go to the store in hopes they would have some and then get quite emotional when they weren't there honestly I broke down in the middle of walmart, poor will didn't know what to do. Also I love apples. Fuji's are my current favorite diced up with some peanut butter on the side.

3 Bad Habits...

1. I crack not only my knuckles but everything else you can crack on your body. It is an especially bad habit in public because I guess some of you think it is disgusting.
2. Elbowing Willie in the middle of the night if he is breathing too loudly for me to fall asleep
3. Leaving the cloths sitting in the dryer too long, making them all very wrinkly

5 Places I have lived...

I will highlight five, although there are 15 places if i counted them all

Barrington, IL (I was born there)
West Richland, WA (I claim this as my hometown out of the 15)
Wells, NV (Don't blink as you drive by, you'll miss it)
Spokane, WA (where I got myself educated and found the love of my life)
Rexburg, ID(artic jungle of idaho)

5 Jobs I have had...

Pizza Hut (you know the coupons you get on your front door when your not looking? that is what I did, walked through neighborhoods hanging coupons, great job for exercise and tanning)
Wells Rural Electric Company (I did various things there, my favorite experience was when a woman came in to pay her electric bill and she grabbed the cash from her bra as if that were totally normal)
Target (I worked in what they call Softlines, which is the clothing and shoe half of the store, have you ever noticed the shirts being hung a finger width apart to make the store look nice? that is what I did, I graduated from that to the operator silly job for somebody with such a quiet voice)
Shade Clothing( I was basically a warehouse rat, If you ever ordered from the company I was the one who packaged it, also the warehouse was a disorganized mess when I first started so they decided in our spare time to have the 5 girls and 1 boy who worked there move all the 30 plus pound boxes of shirts all around. You should have seen my ripped arms after that.)
Dental Hygienist(I am currently working at my favorite office, I love the people I work with, the patients and not working on mondays)

5 Things you don't know about me...

1. I accidently had a mullet when I was 6 that took far too many years to grow out
2. I used to blast my moms barry manillow 8 track with my sister and do a dance to "jump, shout, knock yourself out"...we are big fanallows
3. I love batman because of my mother, not my husband
4. I recently realized that I am very judgemental about women who don't seem to have an ounce of independence in them
5. I love to dance

What if I suddenly had a million dollars...
I would pay off my student loans, our house, give Willie some to do whatever he wants with without having to run it by me first. Fix our car and invest the rest

I am tagging Alyssa, Karen and Abby

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just like her Daddy

Sleeping just like her Daddy. Willie is notorious for sleeping in this position, amazingly enough I have not recieved a black eye from this. I say this because at night I roll over from side to side and smash my face into his poky elbows, never fails.

Wanted: Dead or Alive...

Wanted: Willbilly "the hillbilly" Elmer
Reasons: For importing and exporting dangerous and illegal materials into the U.S. by means of illegal transport. A warrant was posted for his arrest on the 13th of June 2005, where upon said perp disappeared without a trace. He has been known by a number of alias's namely: Sticky Finger's Stew, Big Belly Bill and Bald Butt Bart. Suspect will not have any facial hair due to the fact that he cannot grow any, (even though he is technically a full grown man). We suspect midget blood due to his small hands and constantly reaking of sausages. Suspect is highly dangerous, due to his extensive good looks and karate training.
Reward: $50

So the real boring reality of it all is that I was mistakenly arrested for driving without a commercial license. It ended up that I never needed one, but I am sure it is all my fault because the police never make mistakes. I spent a total of 5 hours in the county lock up which was more like a lobby than a jail. They treated really nice and even gave me complimentary sandals to go with my complimentary cavity cleaning, and I don't mean the Dentist kind of cavities. My bail was $50 dollars which of course I did not have on me since they only take cash, and one of my friends came and paid my bail. It took another 6 weeks and two court proceedings of me doing a bang up job defending myself before the state dropped its case against me. To be honest I kind of miss my sandals.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag I'm It!

Leigh tagged me so here I go.

10 Years ago...I was a sophmore in at Ferris highschool in Spokane, I was not quite old enough to drive, so I was probably still way into bikes. Most likely weekends involved playing Goldeneye on the N64, Oh wait I totally remember that I got asked to a Sadie Hawkins dance by this older chickie and I snuck out of the house in a white 70's leisure suit. She took me to Olive Garden and I ate so much salad that I was gassy all night.

5 Things on my list to do today...1. Finish Subcontractor spreadsheet for estimating; 2. Post a Ryan Blog; 3. Clean up the thousands of dirty diapers strewn around the house; 4. Make Dinner (Probably Macaroni); 5. Brush teeth.

Snacks I enjoy...String Cheese, homemade cookies (we do this a lot now thanks to Matt Elmer's great recipe), chips (any kind), my baby (I can't help myself from taking a nibble now and then).

3 Bad Habits...1. Picking my nose and rubbing it in between my legs (that way when you walk they rub right off, or so that's the theory); 2. Biting babies; 3. Not taking my Asthma Medication (this one Nicole told me to put down).

5 Places I have Lived...1. Spokane, Washington; 2. Las Vegas, Nevada; 3. Orem, Utah; 4. Rexburg, Idaho; 5. San Antonio, Texas.

5 Jobs I have had...1. Tacotime grease monkey; 2. Filer at my dad's office; 3. trucker; 4. Framer; 5. Warehouse supervisor.

5 Things you don't know about me...1. I won a coloring contest when I was 7 from Albertson's; 2. I got an A in Quantitative Reasoning but always called it Quantative Reasoning until my wife just recently corrected me; 3. I forced Robby to turn off the light in our bedroom every night, even when he was already asleep; 4. I was arrested 3 days before I got married (the irony is that it was on the same day Batman Begins came out which is my favorite movie); 5. I sang the National Anthem For Steve Forbes at a luncheon when he was running for president, I also sung with Shania Twain in concert, but here's the real kicker- I really can't sing.

If I suddenly had a million dollars...I would pay off all our school debt, invest most of the rest, start a college fund for Ryan, take an extended trip to europe, and fix our car.

I am tagging Sean, Aimee, and Nicole.

More Faces...

The Many Faces of Ryan Claire

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Whoops! I Pooped Your Pants!

So Ryan has been playing a very mean trick on her daddy lately. Every time I get handed the little bugger for a burping and changing she does something that I am sure most parents have had happen to them, but seem to neglect to tell new parents. What I am talking about I am sure you can guess from the title. I have been trying all sorts of techniques to get her to clean out her system before the changing of the guard, but everything I try seems pointless. As soon as her diaper is opened she manages to wiggle just right and shoot poop right on my pants. I really think she does this on purpose because I keep her fairly well covered, but she is such a wiggly one she manages to get her little bum above the guard and start firing. Sometimes she tricks me with a couple of toots to fake me into believing the coast is clear, but then she catches me off guard and it's a done deal. I apologize to the possible graphic nature of my little shpeel, but I wish someone had explained to me that this would happen. So please, let me know what are the tricks you guys use to avoid these little B-52 bombers? I only have 3 pairs of pants so I could really use some advice as to how to make them stay clean for longer than 2 minutes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My new best friend

So Ryan decided that 4:30 AM was a perfectly reasonable time to be awake for a couple hours this morning. I tried everything to get her to fall back asleep, but she wasn't having it. I gave up and we went downstairs around 5:30. Needless to say I was exhausted and could barley keep my eyes open. I decided to put her in her swing, that way I new she was safe, well i new she was safe after I put the cat up in his room with the door shut. He just can't contain his need to pounce when Ryan is in her swing. With the worry of the cat taken care of I laid down on the couch and to my surprise woke up at 8AM, i hurried to the swing to check on Ryan and she was sound asleep. So that is how Ryan's swing became my new best friend.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleeping Beauty & the Beast

Sunday, February 17, 2008

1 week old

Well it has officially been one whole week that Ryan has been a part of our family. Already she has met several of her goals namely: 1. Poop in at least 80 diapers; 2. Sleep well over 20 hours a day; 3. Pee on Daddy at least twice; 4. Read Les Miserables; 5. Dunk a basketball. I attribute Duke's game against Maryland this week to Ryan's desire to dunk a ball. Also I told her reading the Cliff's Notes for Les Miserables doesn't really count, but she is counting it anyway. So as you can tell she has been very busy this week. By the way isn't her mom Hot? Ryan's mom has got it going on!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Backseat Driver

Ryan is just like her daddy, such a backseat driver. She's always like, daddy why are you driving backwards, daddy take a left on West Yellowstone, daddy take the back road to 2nd and turn left on center its the fastest way to Wal-mart. She really knows her directions, I think I am going to nickname her baby Garmin.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Aunt Mally and Ryan, eat your heart out Amanda!

Sunbathing Baby

So our mortal enemy Billy Ruben came by the house yesterday and called Ryan a yellow bellied baby. Well needless to say them is fighting words, so she woke up early this morning stripped of her onesie and jumped in her little bouncer, all the while saying, "whose yellow now?". So here she is working hard letting everyone know, especially Billy Ruben, that she is NOT a yellow bellied baby.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey Good Lookin Watcha Got Cookin?

So Ryan was just feeling horrible yesterday for spending all night pooping and eating, so to make up for it she woke up early this morning and cooked us all a big breakfast. Unfortunately by the time that I got the camera she was zonked out by all that cookin'. She was interested though in whether you guys thought that she did a good job with the presentation. She is very self concious about these types of things. Well Happy Valentines day to all!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Naked Baby Photos...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Poor Kitty

So our cat Marley used to get all the attention he that is not the case. His new plan is to get as close to Ryan as we will allow and hope we will throw him a glance or two. See picture below.

Day 3

For all you adoring fans out there here is the latest shot of the uber-celeb Ryan Claire. Despite our best efforts the Papparazzi seem to find ways to get shots of the girl. For now Ryan is shying away from coming out in public until she feels that the papparrazo's are under control. Unfortunately for her there seems to be a traitor in her entourage who seems to be uploading intimate shots of her and her closest associates. Oh and by the way if you think these pictures are just too cute, just wait until you meet her in person!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally a picture that does Ryan justice

Mommy and Ryan

Daddy and Ryan

Baby's First Bath

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ryan Claire

She's 6 pounds and 3 ounces and 18 inches long. Already my attempts to teach her kung fu in the womb are paying off as she has already mastered the flying rabbit kick, and the crouching turtle punch. We really lucked out, she is such a cutie and a sweetie pie. Nicole was absolutely amazing, she was busy washing the dishes this morning, having babies at noon, who knows what she'll be doing tonight? She pushed for just about 20 minutes before Ryan popped out. We loved her instantly, and watched as she gave mom one of her own looks. I will be posting quite regularly from now on since we have someting worth posting about now. Get yourself ready for this girl, because she is something special!

Monday, February 4, 2008

There is no end in sight

Just a few shots of our neverending snowfall here in the winter wonderland of Rexburg. Oh you may think you see the sun in these pictures, but just as you've thought that another storm comes blowing in. Although the forecast is looking good for my drive to work tomorrow, unfortunately when it is time for me to drive home and for the remainder of the work week the snow is just going to keep dumping.