Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Return of Jeff & Peg

Jeff and Peggy returned to the states on the first of July. There was quite a gathering of people at the airport to welcome them home. After they got over the initial shock of being in America Peggy made this profound statement... "You are all so colorful!" She later explained that was because we didn't all have dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes like the Peruvians. We are so happy to have them back and glad they made a special stop to visit us on their way home. As always we do not have any pictures documenting the moment, but our fabulous photographer Judy documented the baby blessing and baby shower. Thanks Jude!

We really are good parents, sometimes we just forget to fully support Owen's head.

Love Jeffs face in this picture

My dad and Weihua flew down for the festivities

Owen tells great jokes

Stephanie also hosted a baby shower the same evening as the blessing

Ryan, Nathan and Elle "The gang." Ryan calls them "Lella" and "Neigh"

Where have you been all my life tissue paper?!

Pure Joy

Isn't tissue paper great? It sure turns Ryan into a whole new loud mouth party girl!

Who knew tissue paper could be so exciting

Ryan is always taking babys binkies and giving them back, so thoughtful really.