Monday, August 10, 2009

EFR 09

Money dig (Ryan's goal was to get the most sand in her bag. I think she got about $2.75 and 3 pounds of sand)

So the last week of July we were able to attend EFR 2009 in Utah. We flew to SLC. This was Ryan's first time flying and she did pretty ok for a girl of her age. Luckily our cousin Aaron was on the flight to SLC so she was able to fall asleep across his and Will's lap on the last leg. Then Uncle Dan drove us down to Lehi, and to thank him for his amazing driving skills, she threw up and threw up, then threw up a little bit more. This was Owen's second time flying so he is pro. On Sunday Casey with three kids in tow (can't believe he survived flying with all of them by himself) Jeff, Peggy, Malerie, Robby and Brisa all made it down. Ryan was having the time of her life with her cousins she was giving all those under 4 ft tall hugs and kisses whenever she could. She also stayed up hours past when all her cousins went to bed, because she was sure there was still partying to be done. Monday we travelled up to the Elmer Family Reunion. Ryan had no idea this trip was going to be even more fun. When we got there and everybody had on the same shirt she thought she was pretty hot stuff, especially when she saw her Ella and Nate in it as well. EFR was loaded with fun and late nights. Its always fun being able to get together with eachother. Out of the 88 of us (now 89) less than 10 were missing. Can you say tons of Elmers! Amanda and Miles were very missed.

Brother/Sister Love

So Ryan is a very loving big sister. She loves to hold Owen (especially if it is to show off how cute she is being to anybody in the room), She loves to take Owen's pacifier out just so she can put it back in, she loves to console him by patting him on the back (sometimes more agressive than necessary), and she has recently started juicing Owen, yes juicing him. She even says "ju, ju" when she is doing it, thanks to Sam and Luke for teaching her (or not). She is going to grow up thinking juicing is a common thing that everybody knows about, since you all are wondering what the heck juicing a person is you know how very wrong she will be. Owen loves his sister and smiles when he hears her and crys when she crys, tender, I know.