Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lounging Kitty!

So I'm cleaning the bathroom, and hear Marley our kitty purring away behind me. When I turn around to see what he is so enamored by, I see this. Sitting in the sink rubbing up on it like he is in Nicole's arms. Seriously, our cat is a weirdo, he loves sinks, even more strange, he loves water. Any time you turn a faucet on he comes running up and starts sticking his paws in it. The worst is that every time you get into the shower here comes Marley trying to get in, and after your out, he jumps in and plays in the left over water.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Two Boys

These are my two favorite boys. Aren't they cute. It is quite rare to get either one to pose for a picture.

36.5 wks and counting

So here I am today 3.5 wks until Ryan Claire is due! I thought I better get an updated picture on here because I confused so many of you by posting an old picture without saying it was taken weeks ago. I maybe should have picked a better place for willie to take the picture because the blinds make my right side a little blurry, maybe he was going for a little artistic effect.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rexburg Temple by Night

We just thought that for those of you who have not seen the Rexburg Temple yet, that we would take a picture and post it. It sits up on the hill just south of the BYUI campus. Its a pretty cool location since you can basically see it anywhere in the Snake River valley. Don't be fooled by its size though, it is technically a small temple.

"Love Bites"

It may look like our little man is attacking Nicole, but what we actually have here is a case of the "Love Bites". Marley has this thing about cuddling up with any unsuspecting family member, and then he starts purring and licking your face; then in the heat of the moment he starts to nibble on you in an affectionate way!

32 wks