Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Ryan was a pro Trunk or Treater

Seriously the cutest Scarecrow ever! Don't you just want to give him a good squeeze?

Maybe Ryan has been sneeking Madonna music behind my back because I think she is in the middle of a vogue pose.

Shy cow

Cute snapshots

Pumpkin Patch

You must resist the urge to eat this little cutie up

Maybe it should say I am this short this fall...

Nemo! She was so happy to see him although she calls him "wa wa" because he lives in the water

Ryan loved the bounce houses

This was taken on our hay ride, which of course Ryan loved as well.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Owen Fix

For all those who needed one...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A day with Dingo

They both ignored the photo op

At least they are both looking here

Ryan discovered that Dingo had a nose today
And she couldn't be happier!

Ryan had a great day playing with Dingo. She would go and snuggle up with him under the table. Then a little later she found him on this couch and climbed right up to him and gave him a hugs and kisses and discovered his nose. A little later Dingo grabbed a piece of her other good friend Mr. Potato Head and she ran after him saying "no, no, no dee dee." All in all she had a great day with Dingo. I think she will really miss him when we move.

I'm a little bit crafty

I wanted to make flash cards for Ryan, so I looked all over the Internet for ideas. Well as many of you may know I don't have a lot of experience with craftiness so I was a bit overwhelmed. I finally found this site. I printed off a set of flash cards and fancied them up. They are not quite done yet, I need to get a ring instead of ribbon to hold them together. I call it "semi-homemade"

Monday, August 10, 2009

EFR 09

Money dig (Ryan's goal was to get the most sand in her bag. I think she got about $2.75 and 3 pounds of sand)

So the last week of July we were able to attend EFR 2009 in Utah. We flew to SLC. This was Ryan's first time flying and she did pretty ok for a girl of her age. Luckily our cousin Aaron was on the flight to SLC so she was able to fall asleep across his and Will's lap on the last leg. Then Uncle Dan drove us down to Lehi, and to thank him for his amazing driving skills, she threw up and threw up, then threw up a little bit more. This was Owen's second time flying so he is pro. On Sunday Casey with three kids in tow (can't believe he survived flying with all of them by himself) Jeff, Peggy, Malerie, Robby and Brisa all made it down. Ryan was having the time of her life with her cousins she was giving all those under 4 ft tall hugs and kisses whenever she could. She also stayed up hours past when all her cousins went to bed, because she was sure there was still partying to be done. Monday we travelled up to the Elmer Family Reunion. Ryan had no idea this trip was going to be even more fun. When we got there and everybody had on the same shirt she thought she was pretty hot stuff, especially when she saw her Ella and Nate in it as well. EFR was loaded with fun and late nights. Its always fun being able to get together with eachother. Out of the 88 of us (now 89) less than 10 were missing. Can you say tons of Elmers! Amanda and Miles were very missed.

Brother/Sister Love

So Ryan is a very loving big sister. She loves to hold Owen (especially if it is to show off how cute she is being to anybody in the room), She loves to take Owen's pacifier out just so she can put it back in, she loves to console him by patting him on the back (sometimes more agressive than necessary), and she has recently started juicing Owen, yes juicing him. She even says "ju, ju" when she is doing it, thanks to Sam and Luke for teaching her (or not). She is going to grow up thinking juicing is a common thing that everybody knows about, since you all are wondering what the heck juicing a person is you know how very wrong she will be. Owen loves his sister and smiles when he hears her and crys when she crys, tender, I know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Return of Jeff & Peg

Jeff and Peggy returned to the states on the first of July. There was quite a gathering of people at the airport to welcome them home. After they got over the initial shock of being in America Peggy made this profound statement... "You are all so colorful!" She later explained that was because we didn't all have dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes like the Peruvians. We are so happy to have them back and glad they made a special stop to visit us on their way home. As always we do not have any pictures documenting the moment, but our fabulous photographer Judy documented the baby blessing and baby shower. Thanks Jude!

We really are good parents, sometimes we just forget to fully support Owen's head.

Love Jeffs face in this picture

My dad and Weihua flew down for the festivities

Owen tells great jokes

Stephanie also hosted a baby shower the same evening as the blessing

Ryan, Nathan and Elle "The gang." Ryan calls them "Lella" and "Neigh"

Where have you been all my life tissue paper?!

Pure Joy

Isn't tissue paper great? It sure turns Ryan into a whole new loud mouth party girl!

Who knew tissue paper could be so exciting

Ryan is always taking babys binkies and giving them back, so thoughtful really.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summertime and the livins easy!

We have been spending a whole lot of time in the pool lately and Ryan is Loving it! It amazes me everytime she gets into the pool how natural it is for her. Within minutes of having her floaties on she was pro. She is quite the daredevil as well as you will see in the following video.

Check out this sweet spray park!

Ryan has been enjoying all the cousins around to play with she's always talking about her homies and how dope they are. And if you are wondering how Owen is enjoying his summer here are a few pics. For some truly amazing pictures of Owen check him out at Urban Photo

Fathers day

Chilaxin like always
*Contrary to what you may see in these photos Owen sleeps quite nicely in his own bed*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ABC'S of Nicole

A-Age: 27
B-Bed Size: Queen
C-Chore you hate: Doing day+ old dishes...the dryed on grossness is ten times harder
D-Dessert: I have dessert at least one time a day, it is very important to me. I have a major sweet tooth, I'll eat almost any dessert.
E-Essential(s) to start your day: Breakfast, otherwise i am not pleasant
F-Favorite Flower: Iris
G-Gold or Silver: Silver
H-Height: 5'4"
I-Instrument you play(ed): Not musical at all, i can play mary had a little lamb on the piano
J-Job you had in High School: Never had one, playing sports made that hard to do
K-Kid(s): Ryan 16 months, Owen 1 month
L-Lunch spot: Love Mcdonalds sleezy Cheeseburgers and Fries, but normally it is at my kitchen table
M-Mom's name: Sheryl
N-Newist item bought: Diapers
O-Overnight hospital stay:When I had my children
P-Pet peeve: Right now it is Dingo Pooping in the house after being let out to do so.
Q-Quote from a movie: Pink is my signature color (steel magnolias)
R-Right or left handed: Right
S-Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 stepsisters, and 1 step brother
T-Time you wake up: about 2-3am and 6-7 to feed Owen, then for real whenever Ryan decides to wake up(today it was 8:45!)
U-Underarm deodorant?: Shocking maybe, but I don't use it, ask anyone who knows me well enough to smell my armpits and they will tell you I don't need it. I am allergic to most deodorants so i just gave up and realized I didn't really need it.
V-Very surprising fact: I feel my answer to the last question was surprise enough for one day
W-Ways you run late: My kids
X-X-rays you've had: Of my back, neck, lungs and teeth
Y-Yummy food you make: All my food is yummy, it is just getting me to make it that is hard ;)
Z-Zoo animal: Lion

I tag Aimee, Michelle and Karen

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cousins, Brothers and Waterpark Fun!