Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Big Scare

On Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and headed down to Arlington. I have been doing geneology work lately and was able to find the cemetery that my dad's Father and grandparents and great grandparents were buried. This was a neat experience because my dad hadn't really had contact with his father since he was 4ish. Anyway, we get to the cemetery and it's locked! The sign said it was under survailence at all times and to call a number for access (it was in a somewhat sketchy area of town). Well we called and called and nobody answered. Will decided that we would drive around to the back side and hop the fence (Arlington is not super close so we wanted to make this trip count). A man was out doing some yard work across the street so Will talked to him and discovered that there was an area you could squeeze in just past the gate. So off we went to the front of the cemetery again. I got my camera and snuck into the cemetery. A little while later while I was looking for the last of the headstones I saw Will and the kids heading toward me. Of course Ryan refuses to be held, even with a bum leg. The cemetery was not what you would call well kept. There were tons of weeds and very long grass you had to manuver in. Anyway we get back in the car and head for home. About 10 minutes into the drive Will noticed Ryan was breathing funny. We thought she was joking but she continued to Hyperventalate and wouldn't respond to us talking. I look in the rear view mirror at her and through it her face looked a bit swollen. I asked Will what he thought, and he said it looked that way to him also. She was still not responding so we pull off the highway to a gas station and ask directions to a emergency clinic because we thought our daughter was going into anaphylactic (sp?) shock. (since the grass was long I thought she could have been stung by a bee or bit by something or come in contact with something highly allergenic) This gruffy old guy follows me out and wanted to look at her. I thought this strange, but I wanted to get a good look at her myself. He said her pulse wasn't racing so that was a good sign and that we should follow him to a place up the road. On our way we were still trying to get a word or anything out of Ryan, but all I could see was saliva running out of her mouth. Then all of the sudden she just starts projectile vomiting (Owen thought this to be the funniest thing ever and laughed like I have never heard before). When she could catch her breath she said "I Ok momma dadda". Then we realized, of course she was just carsick. (I would highly recommend no long trips in the car after having two sippy cups of milk for this girl). When we pulled up to the ER place the gruffy old man came to our car wondering why we weren't rushing her inside. Then he took one look inside and got his answer. Come to find out he was a medic in the Armed Forces most of his life and his license place said he had a purple heart. He was so helpful and if Ryan really had been going into anaphylactic (sp?) shock he would have been the reason she survived. Lessons learned...if traveling more then 20 min with Ryan in the car, cover her car seat with plastic and really the whole area around her with plastic. Our daughter just naturally has a puffy looking face. And in order to make Owen Laugh hysterically, just have Ryan vomit.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Missy Moo's boo boo

We started the day off great watching Conference while helping Uncle Joe paint fishing lures
I mean look at how helpful the girl is (or maybe how patient Joe is with her helping)

She even got her nails painted for the very first time. After Uncle Joe painted them she came running into the other room to show me saying "Pretty, Doe do pretty mommie"

Then comes the boo boo. Ryan broke both her tibia and fibula, but doesn't let it get in the way of her playing some galaga and Mrs. Pac Man

Ryan got her real cast on today. She is now to the point where she is walking along furniture just like Owen. The Doctor said she would be able to walk in the cast by next week. I'm guessing within the next two days. If this girl has a task she wants to master, she wastes no time mastering it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Whats Going On

Look at me, I can pull myself up, and I have two beautiful teeth that may or may not be growing in crooked.
Which book should i read?

It had been a little while since I had seen Ryan when I heard "go nigh, nigh baby" and a door slamming shut. I was instantly angry at Ryan (Trying to overcome the quick to anger business), rushed to the bedrooms to make sure she knew it was not good to wake up Owen (he had been napping only 30 min) when I realized she was putting her lovey to sleep in my bed. When I reached her she said, " sleeping." Then she opened the door to my room, went in and gave her lovey a big kiss and an even bigger hug. What a sweet little girl. See why it is so ridiculous of me to be so quick to anger?

I thought this picture was so silly. Looks like I am training up a couch potato, and he couldn't be happier about the practice.

This little man looked too sweet in this photo to not include it in this post.