Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

My parents have conceded to the fact that you all look at this blog to see me, so let me fill you in on what I have been doing. I am a master at climbing stairs, I can stand all on my own, chase after my kitty kitty or as I call him Ki Ki. Oh, I love my walker, but my parents don't have any pictures of me with it. They aren't the greatest at taking pictures of all my achievements, but hey nobody's perfect. I have three teeth, the fourth is really close to coming in. I love cheese, anything with bananas, peas and squash. Blueberries are a great addition to any meal. I have become the master of destruction, I mean dad needs something to do while moms at work right? Well here our some pictures my parents happened to remember to take. Enjoy!

Love Ryan