Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas 2009

We were able to go to Washington for Christmas...We started off in Spokane with the Elmer's. It was the first Christmas in three years we were all able to be together There was lots of game playing, junk food eating, Rockband playing and very little sleep. This was our first year doing a Memory Christmas. Each member of the family had one person to write a memory about. I think it was a hit and hope it is a new tradition.

What a sweet little man cuddling his Grammy

We will just lead you to believe Ryan was sharing the puzzle

Doggie Pile

Owen and Poppy having a very serious discussion

It snowed a little one day we were in Spokane and Casey took Bennett and Ryan out on the sled. Ryan LOVED it.

For New Year's Ryan, Owen and I headed south to my mom's (Will had to go back to work a couple days after Christmas). There were many dogs, cats, cousins and fun to be had. Too bad I didn't whip out my camera for any of it. Ryan and Owen warmed right up to their Grandma so I was able to get some good napping in.

While we were there my dad, Weihua and Wen came up to visit. We went to Chuck E. Cheese with Michelle, Chris and the boys

Ryan's favorite thing was putting the coins in the machines

Owen was just along for the ride, I have a feeling this is going to be a common theme in his life