Monday, April 5, 2010

Missy Moo's boo boo

We started the day off great watching Conference while helping Uncle Joe paint fishing lures
I mean look at how helpful the girl is (or maybe how patient Joe is with her helping)

She even got her nails painted for the very first time. After Uncle Joe painted them she came running into the other room to show me saying "Pretty, Doe do pretty mommie"

Then comes the boo boo. Ryan broke both her tibia and fibula, but doesn't let it get in the way of her playing some galaga and Mrs. Pac Man

Ryan got her real cast on today. She is now to the point where she is walking along furniture just like Owen. The Doctor said she would be able to walk in the cast by next week. I'm guessing within the next two days. If this girl has a task she wants to master, she wastes no time mastering it.


Amanda said...

I love the PINK, I want one too! What a little trooper. Glad you posted.

Samantha said...

Poor thing. I can't imagine a two year old in a cast.

Annie said...

I love the cast. It's so little. Hope it doesn't slow down Miss Ryan too much. And I LOVE that my dad painted Ryan's nails. He's such a good dad/grandpa/notagrandpa/surrogategrandpathatlookslikeeveryoneelsesgrandpa.

Angela said...

oh boy the pink cast is too cute- we should put it next to Benji's old blue one. Shes a trooper. Good luck with Bath time that was the worst with Benji. I recomend baby powder to help with the moisture after baths...that was a great trick for Benji.

Ashley said...

oh poor ryan! how sad! Hope it heals fast!!! She is a real trooper!